Hello! I'm Miriam, a fulltime illustrator and craft book author based in the south of Germany. I have always admired crafts and art, but it took a leap into law studies to find out what I really want to do. For the rest of my life. As Konfuzius said: "Choose a job you love and you don't need to work another day in your life!"

I get my inspirations from everyday life: My garden, travels with an old and bright orange campervan, our son, the alps, unusual packaging designs ...

If you like my desings, don't hesitate to contact me (miriam.dornemann@web.de). It's always incredible to see a product and a design come together and turn into something great.

Surface Pattern Design

Christmas papers with silver foil printing for Rayher (link to all the motif papers)
Wedding papers with gold foil printing for Rayher (link to all motif papers)

Previous Projects:
Wedding paper designs for Rayher, Laupheim
Baby and baptism paper designs for Rayher, Laupheim
Colorful paper collection for Buntpapierfabrik Ludwig Bähr, Kassel
Colorful patchwork collection for Buntpapierfabrik Ludwig Bähr, Kassel / Part 2
Retro style papers for Buntpapierfabrik Ludwig Bähr / Part 2

Children's books illustrations

Gift market

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